Simon Stalenhag

If you aren't already familiar with Simon Stalenhag's Scandi-scifi art, I suggest you get over to his site at once. He paints an ominous blend of the nightmarish and the calm, landscapes depicting the aftermath (or normalisation) of some horrifying techno-biological events. Often narratively linked, Stalenhag's work looks like concept art for the greatest film never made. It's surely only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling – just imagine him paired up with Alex Garland, David Fincher or Denis Villeneuve.


"I’ve always been taken aback by the assumption that my vision is fundamentally dystopian. I suspect that the people who say I’m dystopian must be living completely sheltered and fortunate lives."

—William Gibson, The Paris Review

Every Month

Every month more than 300 Irish women travel to UK to seek an abortion. To support the campaign to repeal the Eight Amendment and help bring safe and legal abortion to Ireland, illustrator Philip Kennedy has made Every Month, a free zine for you to download, print and distribute/scatter. And then once you've done that, check out Kennedy's excellent and educational Illustration Chronicles.