Akiko Stehrenberger

Just found this Akiko Stehrenberger interview, in which she discusses the making of the Chuck Close-esque Funny Games poster (not only one of the best posters of recent years, but one of those cases where the poster is far, far superior to the actual film it’s advertising). She’s also the subject of this month’s Creative Review Monograph.

(Yeah, that’s right. Colour. That’s how much I love this poster.)

Tron Legacy


Here be spoilers.

So I was a little disappointed by Tron: Legacy. I can't quite put my finger on what was wrong with it … maybe it had something to do with how serious it took itself, or maybe it was the reliance on the inherently flawed 3D technology. Or the fact that the whole thing took place inside a non-networked computer in someone's basement, completely unattached to the rest of the world (although I would've loved to have seen CLU's entire army simultaneously materialise in that basement). Maybe it was the Big Important Things the characters kept referring to that didn't actually make much sense (like, how exactly was the existence of the girl with the wonky hair and glowy tattoo going to change mankind?). Maybe it was the sense of disappointment after a two-and-a-half year marketing campaign.

Or maybe, just maybe, it simply doesn't matter how much fancy stuff you throw at the screen if you've already occupied the audience's brains with "wait, was that Cillian Murphy? What the hell?".

Still, it was entertaining to see yet another film fall back on that staple signifier of class and intellect – an unused (always unused) Eames Chair in Flynn's big white apartmentcave (see also: Iron Man, House, Frasier, CSI, Scrubs, amongst many others). Of course, quite why Flynn needs so many seats in his pad is unclear – how often does he get to entertain?

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