York needs

Being a touristtown, York is pretty well served for food, drink, culture and shopping. Despite/because of this, I find there are some glaring omissions from our streets – places that other cities have, places that would seem to fit naturally into the York way of life. There is only one way to remedy this situation: a hastily conceived list.

Establishments that York desperately needs:

Simple, amazing food. Why should London have all the fun?

Urban Outfitters
Hmm … might be a bad idea … Dr B might end up spending all of our money within an hour of it opening. Probably best to keep it at a safe distance.

Just so I can get my weekly fix of their amazing Eggs Benedict.

YO! Sushi
My first Yo Sushi experience involved me spilling half my dinner onto the conveyor belt, then watching as the big green mess – my big green mess – went past every single diner in the place for fifteen minutes. Despite this ignominy, I love the place. Not only is the food good, but you can make amazing conveyor-belt movies while you eat.

Amazing design bookshop. One of those places that, despite being the size of a broom cupboard, I try to visit whenever I’m in London. For some reason I think the York branch should be housed on a boat. Not sure why.

LEGO shop
Simply because the whole LEGO pick n’ mix concept makes me happy.

Impressions Gallery
This was a great photography gallery that used to be in York, but for some stupid reason they upped sticks and moved to Bradford. Stupid Bradford.