The other day, that nice Mr Ace Jet 170 blogged about receiving Bryan Nash Gill's Woodcut, a new book of prints made from cross-sections of trees. It's beautiful, all naturey and inky at the same time.

One reason I find them fascinating is that when I look at these prints, I don't see trees. I see islands. Topographical maps of volcanic islands. For the last couple of months – since rewatching Shutter Island actually – I've been mulling over the use of islands on screen. Jurassic Park; Jaws; Lost; Enter the Dragon; pretty much any film set in Manhattan. And more figurative islands, like Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard or LV-426 in the Alien films. Something about the physical containment of a story, an idea. Something about poring over maps as a child and imagining adventures and danger and exploration. And probably something to do with that God's Eye View video.

So yes, there's a kernel of an idea for something in there, I'm just not sure what. I'll continue mulling it over while staring at these prints.