Why I love Subtraction.com

Well there's this for a start:

Mr President

… and this:

Khoi Vinh's illustration for Stack America

… but also because it's just a damn well-written blog that covers just the right breadth of subjects. Khoi Vinh is a designer, but he doesn't just write about design. He covers other areas that interest him, approaching them from a designer's perspective – he'll write about iPads and magazines and the usual designer diversions, but he'll also write insightful posts about Batman and Charlie Sheen. His individual take on the world is fascinating, informed and intelligent. Essentially it's not a design blog, but a blog written by a designer.

In a world currently flooded with single-minded ultra-focessed tumblr blogs (do we really need any more sites like "Fuck Yeah Tilt Shift Photographs Of People Sitting On Bins Outside Woolworths Reading Proust" or "My Daily Portrait of Rod Steiger"?), it's that consistency of authorship, not topic, that has kept me (and many others) subscribed to his RSS for several years. Whenever I hit a blogular brick wall, Subtraction.com is the site that always gets me inspired again.