What's so cosy about crime, anyway?

Just got back from my weekly lap of the local Waterstones, soaking up all the new covers (it's important to see as much design in the flesh as possible, I say), and I spotted something that ust seemed … wrong.

"Cosy Crime."

his is apparently a genre of fiction. I can imagine the sort of thing: Agatha Christie; Midsomer Murders; lots of fêtes and tweed and old service revolvers. None of it really my cup of tea (I bet there are plenty of those involved too), but all perfectly valid literature. 

But why pigeon-hole like this? ust like record shops did when they existed back in the day, book shops are turning themselves into impenetrable labyrinths of sub-categories. They aren't really doing themselves any favours. How are you supposed to find anything? Fiction should be in one category and one category only: fiction. And it should be shelved alphabetically by author. That's all we want. Is that so hard?