Vonnegut's seven tips for writing with style

Having just read Frank Chimero’s ‘playlist’ of great writing, I’ve had my eyes opened to the wisdom of Mr Kurt Vonnegut. It shames me to say I’ve never actually read Vonnegut before, but looking at his seven tips for writing with style, he’s a definite contender for my own playlist:

1. Find a subject you care about
2. Do not ramble, though
3. Keep it simple
4. Have guts to cut
5. Sound like yourself
6. Say what you mean
7. Pity the readers

I’ve got a few writing projects lined up ahead of me, so hopefully I’ll hear Vonnegut’s voice in my head as I’m working on them. Not really sure what he sounded like, so I’ll just assign him the default disembodied voice: Richard Burton.