Fact: this week, 53% of the Internet is made up of iPad reviews.

One of the big talking points is the nice-in-theory Marvel app, which I of course have a problem with it. The thing is, in terms of purchasing/storing comics, a publisher-specific app just seems like a huge backwards step for Apple. If I’m going to buy digital comics, I want them all in one place. Imagine having a separate iTunes app for each record label!

I’m not a Marvel reader, I’m a comic reader, and as such feel no need to keep different comics from different publishers in distinct boxes. I can see how this benefits the seller, but I can’t see how it benefits the consumer in any way. We need a single iComic store/app.

I’m inclined to think that an iMag app/store is the way to go too, otherwise our iPads and iPhones are going to start getting really cluttered.

Note: This post is basically a copy-and-paste of a comment I left on magCulture’s iPad review.