Tintin, cars, libraries

I always took it for granted that the cars in Tintin looked like, y’know, real cars. Fortunately, somebody has not only realised this, but gone to the trouble of identifying every single one of them (via Graphic Definer), so that we can now appreciate Hergé’s books on a deeper, more designular level. It makes me happy that there are people out there willing to catalogue things like this. Another recent find: a site dedicated to the chairs of The Incredibles. Yes, that’s right, the chairs.

People are brilliant sometimes, aren’t they?

And now something has just dawned on me. You can take pretty much any aspect of my life now – choice of career, sense of humour, the fact I own far too many comics – and trace its origin back to the fact that when I was a kid, Dartford Library had a bloody good selection of Tintin, Asterix and Raymond Briggs books.

So thank you Dartford Library. I didn’t appreciate you at the time, but I do now. (And if you still have those old wooden index card files lying around, I’ll gladly take them off your hands.)