This week, I have mostly been:

  • Duped by a Croatian guy called Igor, who was pretending to be Port magazine. As you do.
  • Entertaining myself (and quite a few other people it would seem) by creating an iPhone wallpaper based on the magical jumper worn by Sarah Lund in Forbrydelsen. It had better feature in the second series [shakes fist in the general direction of Copenhagen].
  • Coming to the conclusion that LCD Soundsystem is the sound of someone inventing a time machine, travelling back to 1977 and punching David Bowie in the nuts. In turn, David Bowie is the sound of someone inventing a time machine, travelling forward to 2077 and punching God in the nuts. This is how the Universe works and this is how it will be destroyed.
  • Enjoying the fact it's sunny but still a bit chilly, so I can wear my long coat and shades and look all John Cusackish.
  • Trying to work out how to convince Dr B that she wants to spend Sunday afternoon watching Lawrence of Arabia. Apparently "it's a masterpiece" just doesn't cut it anymore. I still think she owes me for the ordeal that was You and Me and Everyone We Know.
  • Rediscovering Co.Design and trying to read every single thing they've ever posted. I now want this Scrabble set, the incredible ohmygodthefutureisnow Condition ONE app and a tiny Brooklyn apartment made of ping-pong balls.
  • Discovering that I should never, ever attempt to make mac and cheese. It wasn't pretty.
  • Marvelling at two very different but very amazing films shot on railway station platforms: David Lean's Brief Encounter and Henry Cowling's SixToes video. I'd love to see the former remade in the style of the latter.
  • Talking weddings :)