The spend of print

After posting this pic of Jessica Hische's exemplary studio, I keep returning to it and being drawn to one item in particular. That printer, that beautiful chunk of a printer. After a spot of investigation (that's right: I know how to use Google, therefore I'm a PI), I've identified it as an Epson Stylus Pro 3880. It prints great big colour A2 prints. I want one.

I've written before about my general contempt for my home and work printers, but I've tolerated them up until now. Now I need something good, something reliable. Something that doesn't make a whispery hellmouth sound when it's not doing anything (still haven't figured that one out). That Epson A2 beast seems a bit costly though – simultaneously planning a freelance career and a wedding means I have a list of very expensive items that I really shouldn't be adding to. Even though I'm sure it'll pay for itself over time (I'd love to produce short-run prints in-house), Printzilla can probably wait a bit longer. For now, I'm after a Printzooky.

So, it's weekly questionadvicewisdom time again: what printers do you folks use? Is it worth getting anything bigger than A4? I've heard nice things about the HP Envy – is that any good, or is it just a pretty face? Do decent printers actually exist?