The school of twitter

For their regular voxpop feature, Design Week asked me how I use twitter. I said the usual stuff about how it’s the big overlap in the business/personal/sanity Venn diagram, but the best response came from splendid bearded chap (and one half of Mat Dolphin) Tom Actman:

Using Twitter is a double-edged sword and often like being back at school: Everyone starts off trying to impress their peers and get the most friends in the playground, but most people question why they’re there in the first place. There’s the daily bike shed scrap to look forward to, and people aren’t interested in you if you’re weird or boring. If you’re the last one to know something everyone figures you’re a bit slow; but equally no one ever likes the show off or know it all. There are tonnes of loudmouth bullies waiting in the sidelines to pick a fight, and you always get more friends when you share your homework. And when you do finally get some distance from it, you wonder what all the fuss was about …
You never know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something new every day. You’re surrounded by like-minded people, and the variation in topics and subjects means you can make new friends all the time. You feel part of a larger collective moving forwards together, and you never forget that moment when one of the older kids says something that just clicks. You get to meet people from different cultures and far away lands, but no matter where you’re from you share the common goal of furthering knowledge and learning. It can be really fun and engaging too, and everyone remembers the day a dog ran into school.

There you have it, nail hit firmly on the head. I couldn't have put it better myself. And now, thanks to Tom, I can't tweet without hearing the Grange Hill music (not the sausage-on-fork original theme, but the unappreciated 90s one) in my noggin.