The new me


So I have a new passport. The last one didn't technically need to be replaced, but of the selection of photos I'd supplied, they'd decided to use the one of me with my eyes closed. Ten years ago that may have been okay, but nowadays it'd probably get me locked up in an interview room for ten hours, culminating in some intimate glove-love.

Here's my new pic. My sister reckons I look like a seventies bank robber. I'm going to claim that this is deliberate, and that I'm perfecting a kind of Life On Mars thing (when actually I'm attempting to go for an Almost Famous thing, but failing considerably).

Anyway, the scary thing about the new passport is that it's one of those new fangled 'biometric' ones. This means that there's a tiny chip embedded in the back page, as well as an antenna. An actual antenna. Quite what this is for I'm not sure. An antenna.

And yes, my fingernails are a bit stumpy at the moment.