The magic Numbers

In my ongoing quest to spend every penny I have on Apple products, I've finally got myself iWork, and I love it.

I'm currently designing a range of publications that contain a lot (and I mean a lot) of visual data - bar graphs, pie charts, that sort of thing. The original manuscripts arrived with numerous big messy Excel files (all of which seemed to be referencing data from non-existent sheets) and the graphs in that just looked … well they just looked a bit Excely. To prevent me from going mad - and to maintain my self-imposed rule that no Microsoft product should be allowed near my precious iMac* - I thought I'd give iWork's Numbers a go.

And guess what? It's great! It's intuitive from the get-go, and much tidier. Sheets, tables and graphs are much easier to organise, and just appear to be much cleaner. It's really easy to export to high-res PDF for print purposes, and the resulting graphics are perfect for editing in Illustrator.

I'm probably jinxing myself horribly here - I've yet to go to the printers with this job - but for now I'd say iWork is a typically brilliant Apple product. Now if only they could make those bloody iPod headphones usable I'd be really happy …

* This restraining order may well be lifted in a couple of weeks when I get an XBox 360 (I need to play the new Grand Theft Auto game, okay?) and attempt to use the iMac as an HD monitor. I'm still not sure about this though - plugging Microsoft hardware into Apple hardware just seems so very perverse.