The Gray Suit

At some point in the future, I'm planning to conduct an archaic ceremony to transform Dr B into Dr G. For this, I'm going to need a suit. Actually, for a lot of things I could do with a suit. So I'm going to get a suit. Thing is, I know nothing about suits.

So, as is the standard way of solving problems these days, I've cobbled together a quick tumblr to scrapbook various ideas. Hopefully through some kind of style-Darwinism, the ideal whistle will present itself, or at the very least I'll have something to wave at a tailor.

At the moment, the site – The Gray Suit – looks like a Jason Schwartzman/John Slattery fansite, which kind of gives you an idea of what I'm after. I've already had a couple of tips from fine twitter folk, and they've immediately become my favourite websites: @etienneshrdlu suggested Nerd Boyfriend (featuring such handsome models as Dieter Rams and 1970s Michael Douglas) and @philipkennedy sent me to the splendid Clothes on Film. Any other suggestions for sites or images that may help in my epic quest would be most appreciated.