I've moaned before about the excessive number of crossover titles in DC and Marvel's overarching story arcs, but they are merely a symptom of a bigger problem: too damn many damn titles. All the big names have multiple series on the go – there are currently ELEVEN Batman titles! – and all the supporting characters have their own spin-offs. It's only a matter of time before Alfred gets his own series.

Walking into a comic shop is pretty intimidating. Walls and walls of comics, all jostling for attention, but absolutely none of them being the definitive Batman or Spidey or Avengers. They all cancel each other out. New readers have no idea where to start. More often than not, I just give up trying to fathom this indulgent and impenetrable barrage of comics and walk away empty-handed.

So, DC/Marvel, here's an idea: fewer comics. Why not have ONE Batman title and make that the must-buy comic? Get all that talent and energy currently being smeared thinly across the existing comics and make something bloody brilliant.

Also, why is there no comics equivalent of Lovefilm/Graze/Ocado? Why can't I just pop online, set up a subscription and bosh, next day it's there on my doorstep?

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