Summer Screen


Just returned from a pleasantly un-rioty weekend in London, having attended a night of films at my favourite empty square full of potential, Somerset House – something of an annual tradition for the Gray-B household. Thanks to the fact we emptied Selfridges' food hall (in a non-looting, entirely paid for fashion), we managed to sit on the hard stone and stay awake for Gremlins (classic … and surprisingly violent), Troll Hunter (great fun, if a little patchy towards the end) and Tremors (one of my all time faves, seen on the big screen for the first time).

Okay, so I may have nodded off a bit towards the end of Tremors – it was a long day, okay? – but thankfully I was wide awake when the "swiss cheese and bullets" line came up, and was dutifully cheered by my lovely fiancee.

Yes, that's where it's from.