She just wants to be

As I was skipping out to buy some much-needed Marks and Sparks soup this morning (I’m addicted to the stuff - particularly the cream of chicken), a thought crossed my mind.

You know Brad and Angelina, the most beautiful and famous couple in the world? They’re actors right? Now Mr Pitt has quite a substantial body of work under his belt (fnar fnar…), but can you actually think of any decent Angelina films?

I accept that her performance in Bell Jar: The Motion Picture Girl Interrupted was excellent, and worthy of the Oscar it landed her, but has she actually done anything as great since then? Seriously - go look at her IMDB profile and see if you can find anything amazing.  Even Sandra Bullock, an actress passionately determined to make as many mediocre films as possible, has a couple of good ones to her name.

Angelina: you are beautiful and talented and a bit scary and beautiful. Please make more of an effort to put these considerable traits to good use. And fire your agent.

That is all.