Search and destroy

One of the joys of blogging is that you get all kinds of stats about who's visiting, what they're reading, and how they got here. Sometimes this presents fairly disturbing information about the search terms people are using. Just this week, people have got here by searching for:

Justin Timberlake as James Bond
Why? Does anyone truly believe that might be happening and has hit Google to confirm it? Do you think the whole Daniel Craig thing could be an elaborate cover-up?

Minnie Driver's huge head
I wonder if they wanted pictures of the virtual planetoid that is la Driver's bonce, or just a scientific explanation …

Joshua Jackson's dog
Please don't spend your precious time searching for articles about the pets of Dawson's Creek stars. Go do some work. Go on.

Make your own doormat
Do you really need to find instructions how to do this?

Are Trinny and Suzanna sisters
No they aren't. But my mum reckons they might be at it.

MySpace Alicia Silverstone codes
This one I really don't understand. Fair enough, someone was searching for the MySpace profile of wonky-faced startled bunny has-been Alicia Silverstone. But codes? My theory is that she's actually a robot, and someone wants to reprogramme her for love-making/Presidential assasination duties. Now that would be an ace film.

R2 knows everything
Yes. Yes he does.

Okay, so there we have it. People are weird.