RSS blindness

I subscribe to a LOT of RSS feeds. Far too many. The problem with this is that I read all the posts in Reeder (on Mac and iPhone) and I end up missing the carefully considered context of each blog's actual design. Given that the bulk of my subscriptions are to design blogs, this seems a little counter-productive, doesn't it?

Sometimes I'll step out of Reeder and onto a site I read all the time, only to notice that it's had a radical makeover (for example, a recent visit to Creative Journal was a surprising treat). I've spent hours hacking away at the code to redesign my own site, so it strikes me as an odd paradox that new readers get to see this, but those who have chosen to subscribe to the RSS feed (gawd bless you), are missing out on it completely. All those little widgets on the right that aid the reader in navigating the site and discovering other posts and other blogs and things: completely absent.

Loyalty is rewarded with an inferior reading experience. Style is traded for convenience. Function for brevity. RSS is certainly one of the best things to happen to the web, but at times it does seem to be working against it.