Port #9


I've been a big fan of Port since it appeared on the shelves a couple of years ago (thanks to magCulture for bringing it to my attention in the first place), and although the first few issues were incredible in terms of content and design, I was a bit worried that it couldn't possibly keep up that level of quality. Or, worse still, that it'd fall back on the usual men's magazine tropes to boost sales (Cars! Boobs! Cars with boobs!).

But here we are, nine issues in, and it's still bloody gorgeous. he latest, guest edited by Daniel Day-Lewis (hyphenated Daniels are all the rage right now), is the film issue. And it's pretty much my dream magazine. Eschewing the usual news-and-reviews – content more suited to the web – Port #9 embraces the slow reading strengths of the format with articles on all aspects of film, past and present. Particular credit goes to the photography – elegantly illustrating conversations with the likes of PT Anderson, Thelma Schoonmaker and Walter Murch. Add to this articles on cameras, costume and production design, the whole thing feels like a magazine for grown ups without ever feeling dry or pretentious.

I'd be quite happy if every issue of Port was a film issue, but I'm sure they've got something even better up their sleeves for #10.