Pinning Books

I wasn't sure about its value at first, but I am a complete Pinterest convert. Being a new parent helps – it gives me something engaging (but not too engaging) to do during those ridiculous wee small hours of the night, keeping me just enough awake. It'd be a shame if all those 3am discoveries never left the confines of my boards though, so I'm going to do a regular digest of all the lovely things I've found.

First up: Books. By far the busiest of my boards. New books, old books, imaginary books – there's just something rather relaxing about wading through a forest of covers. I'm a sucker for a two-colour design, so that Hemlock Grove cover is a particular favourite. The Fontana Modern Masters (edited by Mark Kermode's dad, don't you know) are just fantastic – I'm always picking them up in Dr B's office. More about the creation of the series' covers here. And David Pearson's The Old Man and the Sea cover makes me feel appropriately land-lubberish. 

As I've said before though, the best way to really appreciate these is get your trousers on and saunter down to your local book emporium to check them out in the flesh. Look at them, feel them, sniff them.