I've just rediscovered the Fast Company's Co.Design. I unsubscribed from it ages ago … I can't remember why exactly. Anyway, it's rather smashing, isn't it? It's one of those sites I was talking about the other day, in that reading it in-site is far more enjoyable than reading it in-reader.

Whilst jumping around the site, one voice stood out. Within the space of two articles, John Pavlus has become my new favourite writer. Firstly, because of this paragraph in Why David Fincher is the best design thinker in Hollywood:

Calling a director a "designer" is almost a tautology: indeed, anyone making creative choices about what to leave in or leave out, in any medium, is designing. But Fincher's coolly intelligent eye, laserlike attention to detail, and (in his best work) apparent fascination with storytelling as problem-solving, all set him apart from other filmmakers as a true designer-auteur.

… and secondly because his piece on the the filmic pitfalls of the Uncanny Valley (and how Robert Zemeckis is clearly in denial of them) is the best summation of a subject I've been fascinated with for years. He basically takes stuff I'm thinking about and expresses my messy musings with concise, wonderfully written prose. Which saves me a lot of time.

Keep it up, Mr Pavlus.