One month to go

In precisely one month, I will have finally broken the accursed shackles of a regular salary. I will be a freelance, self-employed, gun-for-hire design mercenary. It's been a long time coming, and it's involved quite a bit of panicking, list-making and boring the pants of you nice people with my incessant querying.

The studio (I've settled on calling it that – "office" sounds too much like my present place of incarceration, "atelier" is a bit too fancy for a small room with a rice paper lampshade … Batcave is still an option) is taking shape. The obligatory Ikea Expedit shelves are in place, and the Mac is nicely nestled amongst by the holy trinity of Braun clock, Anglepoise lamp and Muji clipboard. Website redesign sketches are piling up (yes, I'm fiddling with it again). There's still two thousand and one things to do/buy/comprehend, but I'm getting there.

Busy busy busy. Seems like a good time to plan a wedding.