On presenting stationery

One of the benefits of using a site like Designspiration is spotting interesting trends in how creative work is presented (not so much with Ffffound – the only trend you're likely to spot there these days is "people have nipples"). For example, a couple of years ago, it would've been full of pictures of people holding up/hiding behind posters.

The latest unavoidable trend is of beautifully composed still life pictures of stationery. Usually arranged in a grid (but photographed at a faux-isometric angle), they'll feature the standard letterhead, business card, branded envelope and, increasingly, a rubber stamp. Extra points for throwing in a couple of random items from the stationery cupboard – some bulldog clips, maybe a stapler. If relevant, chuck some meat in there too.

There's no denying it's an effective presentation style (and I really want to get a rubber stamp made now), but it does seem to be a bit of a fad. Not necessarily a bad thing, but where's the variety? Anyway, here's some of the best examples I've seen:


Heydays for Berg & Berg

Tom Crabtree for Sam Tootal

Because Studio

Definitive Studio

Heydays for Vegard Kleven

Caleb Owen Everitt for The Chop Shop

Josh Finklea for Rider

The Official Manufacturing Company for Olympic Provisions

Believe in