On correct Star Wars episodic running order protocol

I've been planning to have a weekend of Star Wars films with mates for a while now, and there's some disagreement over the best running order. Do you watch them in episode order (I-VI) or chronological release order (IV-VI, I-III)?

There's an interesting analysis of the various options over at Fanpop. One of the alternative running orders suggested has got me thinking, and I think it may well be the best one.

Basically, you watch Episodes IV and V and then, following the Big Father Revelation, you watch Episodes I to III as an Extended flashback, followed by episode VI.

This way you avoid scuppering all of the important plot-point "surprises" of the original trilogy. So much of the narrative revolves around the the relationships between the characters being revealed, and the new trilogy kind of undermines that. Watching it in this new order, you keep the dramatic structure, plus there's added emotional resonance to the climactic Emperor/Luke/Vader battle.

This'll be the corner I'll be fighting for when our marathon weekend finally happens - I'll let you know if it works in practice as well as it does in theory.