New Utøya


Following the horrific events of 22 July 2011, the Norwegian island of Utøya could've been left abandoned, forever a memorial to the senseless events of that day, the site reclaimed by nature. Instead, the Labor Youth Party have grasped the opportunity to rebuild and re-establish a political camp there, finding optimism and hope in the face of terror.

Architectural studio Fantastic Norway are behind the designs, and so far it looks pretty damn good. In their own words:

Our ambition has been to reflect and reinforce values such as commitment, solidarity, diversity and democracy, both through form and function. In short we have done this by establishing a small village with small streets, bellfry and a town square on the very top of the island. The village consists of many small units that together ad up to a bigger community: A symbol of unity and diversity.

Definitely a project to keep an eye on (especially if it involves more architectural models – I do love me a good architectural model).