My name is Daniel and I am a redesigner

I can't stop redesigning. I don't mean in a fun way, where you play around with reimagining an existing concept. I mean I never know when to leave something I've done, to accept it as complete. It's not productive.

This mostly happens with self-assigned work, things where I'm my own client. For example, if you've visited this website more than once, chances are it's looked slightly/totally different each time. TypePad (the blogging tool I use to run this little site) doesn't have many design-editing options, but it has enough for me to look at my site and want to just give it a tweak here and a tweak there.

Tweaking generally leads to full-on redesignment. And then worrying. And then more imaginary tweaks are made in my head when I'm trying to get to sleep. And then I'll be happy with it all for approximately a week.

Then it starts all over again.

Right now, I'm pretty happy with the "look and feel" (yucky term) of ol' Binks, so I'm going to try to leave it for a month without making a single change - just adding posts and links. It'll be hard, but I have to break this cycle of redesignment and get on with some real work.