At last I have seen Moon. Ever since seeing John Calvert’s excellent poster concept at All City months and months ago, the weight of expectation I’ve put on this film has been immense. It reached a point where I knew it could only disappoint.

Somehow though, it didn’t. In fact, it was so good that as soon as the end credits started rolling, Dr B suggested we dash out and immediately queue up for the next screening. I’ve watched films multiple times before, but not in one evening. The City Screen staff stared at us in what I assumed was awe, but on reflection was probably pity.

So, some thoughts:

  • The design of the sets and vehicles brought to mind the LEGO Space sets of the eighties: lots of clunky shapes and 45º angles. I don’t know if this was deliberate, but it added a new depth to the future-nostalgic look of the film.
  • It was bugging me, but I’ve since discovered that the display text used throughout is Eurostile Black Extended.
  • Sam Rockwell is great, and should be cast as Bilbo Baggins as soon as possible.
  • This film was made for £2.5 million. Amazing.
  • Do you know what HAL was missing? Somewhere to put down your coffee mug. Genius.
  • I need to buy me a walk-in sleeping bag, yellow.
  • Duncan Jones seems like a really nice – and quite frankly geeksome – bloke. He seems like someone I’d gladly sit down and play Twisted Metal World Tour with. Plus he’s responded to some of my tweets, which is almost definitely the second most exciting twitter-related celebrity thing that’s happened to me this year.
  • I can’t be sure, but I think I saw a certain Muji clipboard in the film, which just makes me want it more.
  • It should win lots of Oscars, but will probably lose out to a film about Meryl Streep looking after a gay puppy with tourettes. Or something.
  • That picture up there is making my eyes go a bit funny.

For a slightly more in-depth and informed appraisal of Moon, check out The Quietus’ review.