I have no idea who they are or what they do, but Mannahatta is by far my favourite Ffffinder. Unlike most users (including me) they’ve chosen to keep the focus of their ffffindings narrow: it’s just lots and lots of pictures of amazing interiors. Based on this collection of images, I’ve deduced that the perfect apartment must have the following:

  • one – just one – Eames chair
  • lots of sunlight
  • a ludicrous book collection
  • many, many framed pictures, some hung up, some leaning against the wall
  • a very delicate balance of white, wood, leather and chrome
  • a Vita audio system
  • bare floorboards
  • furniture and obsolete technology (definitely a turntable, maybe a typewriter) from the 1950s/1960s
  • interesting lamps
  • flatfiles, or better yet, an old library index card file
  • no people, cluttering the place up with their limbs and faces and movements and stuff.

I suppose I’d better start saving up …