Lost and Ffffound

For today (and only today) Ben Terrett has done an interesting thing with his blog, Noisy Decent Graphics. Basically, he's opened it up for all and sundry to post on. Jumping at any chance to make a mess of the Internet, I of course threw some words up there - nothing particularly enlightening, just noting that Terrett's profile picture looked like the shadow of Stanley Tucci. I also briefly mentioned that I was after an invitation to to Ffffound, an invite-only image-bookmarking site. Moments later, I had received one from mysterious benefactor "Caren".

The internet can be a lovely, unpredictable thing sometimes.

Ffffound is a simple concept, but an incredibly useful one. You can bookmark any images you find on any website, and they're automatically collated in a single place. Ffffound will then recommend other images that you might like based on the preferences of others. Have a look here for my first few bookmarked images and to understand what the hell I'm blithering on about.

And, simply to justify the title of this post, here is a map of the Lost island. What is that four-toed statue-foot thing all about?