Little Miss Sunshine is superb

I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night, and I feel it's my blogular duty to inform everyone that it is superb. The script is superb, the direction is superb, and the cast (the best ensemble-believably-playing-a-family since The Royal Tenenbaums) are all superb.

Steve Carrel is particularly superb. I was pleasently surprised by his performance in The 40 Year-Old Virgin last year (a film which is a lot sweeter than the marketing suggests), but in this he proves that he's more than just a comedian. He's a fully fledged great actor, and I want to see him being superb in more straight roles.

Abigail Breslin, who plays the little girl, is also superb. I couldn't understand a single word she was saying when she played Bo in Signs a couple of years ago, but now she's been taught how to speak, and she does it superbly. Pretty much every time she said anything, I cried.

I think I may have Superb-RSI now. Go see this film. Now.