Is Douglas Trumbull making Rendezvous With Rama?

A very brief introduction to Douglas Trumbull for those you who don't know him: he's the guy who created the groundbreaking effects for, amongst other things, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and more recently, The Only Bit In The Tree Of Life Worth Sticking Around For. And he directed Silent Running, which is ace. So there, now you know.

Anyway … in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Trumbull describes a film he's planning on making, a project that will showcase the true potential of cinema in the 21st century, something that is "way beyond anything that Peter Jackson and James Cameron have been doing". Here's how he describes it:

… it’s a 200-years-in-the-future science fiction space epic that’s going to address very big, lofty issues, like man’s place in the universe, and how our contact with an extraterrestrial civilizations that are so mind-bogglingly in advance of our own that it will go into some of the same territory that 2001 went into, and it’s going to do it in a very plausibly scientific way, not a fanciful way. There are no alien monsters, and the earth is not being attacked by anybody. It’s going to be a much more intelligent, what we call hard-science fiction, and I think there’s absolutely nothing out there like this.

That sounds an awful lot like Rendezvous With Rama to me. Having just read the book for the first time (it's amazing), it's still fresh in my mind. And every single thing Trumbull says has for Rama written all over it. Plus it's by the same author, Arthur C Clarke, so that reinforces the "same territory as 2001" bit.

It's a project that David Fincher and Morgan Freeman have been trying to get going for several years, so perhaps they've given up and Trumbull has stepped in. Or, better yet, they're working with him. Given the Fincher pattern of every other film being amazing, he's just got to get something merely very good out of his system (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and then … this. Even without Fincher, this could be fantastic. I may have just jumped to completely the wrong conclusion here, but for now, I'm incredibly excited.

Any other Rama fans out there? What do you reckon?