iPhone niggles and nitpicks

I love my little glass phone, I use it all the time. Seriously, all the time. Since getting one, I'm amazed at how much less I use my home iMac. And no, I have no reception issues. It's great. However, I have a few recurring niggles with my little monolith. I'd be interested to know if these bug anyone else, or if it's just me (or if I'm missing a glaringly obvious reason why things are the way they are).

Why isn't there a dictionary app? I use the dashboard dictionary/thesaurus on my iMac every day – given that the dock widgets are clearly the precursor of the whole app thing, I don't understand why they didn't just port over the best ones. I realise it'd be a big memory hog, but surely the bulk of it is already on there – the autocorrect is getting those words from somewhere, right?

Just some consistency would be nice. Some apps can be modified from different parts of the settings – the separation of notifications particularly bugs me – and some have settings in-app. Working out how to make a small change can take a bit of a quest.

White supremacy
This is a wider issue really, about the over-zealous autocorrect built into the iOS. Some words it really can't figure out, but the one that really bugs me is that it insists on capitalising "white". Also, given that I'm on the O2 network, it would be nice if it didn't always correct it to "U2". I really don't think Bono cares about my billing issues.

It isn't going away. Acknowledge it. Integrate it.

How many people actually use the Stocks app? Why is it hardwired in? It hardly seems like an essential function of the phone. I can't get rid of it, so I've just had to stick it in a folder of useless unwanted apps (alongside the shoddily misspelt Games Center).

Why doesn't it have a mobile version? It's undoubtedly a beautiful site, but really suffers on their own hardware. Odd.

I love that the Calendar app icon always has the correct date on it, so why doesn't the clock always tell the time? I know it's already up there at the top of the screen, but every now and then I get a bit confused that it's still 10:15. Maybe that's just me though …

The camera
Come on, Mr Jobs. Seriously.

I realise there's a bunch of little bits and bobs on the iPhone that can't be categorised as music, photos or apps, but 2GB of it? What is it? WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME?

I understand why they limit it to eight bowser windows, but I really wish it'd warn me when instead of opening a ninth window, it's going to simply replace one of the others – and I can never remember what it was! It's like when Homer learns a new fact and it replaces an old one in his head.

"Syncing. You may disconnect your iPhone on Wednesday."

When saving websites to your home screen, it'd be nice if they all had icons, rather than some of them having teeny-tiny ugly screenshots. This is probably the fault of web designers, not Apple, but it'd be nice if there was a standard.

It'd be nice (although I imagine quite troublesome) if the search integrated other searches from within apps, not just Safari and Wikipedia. A few of the biggies would be useful – Amazon, eBay, IMDb.

Rather than the horrid "oh dear lord water has got under the screen somehow!" wallpaper, or the "MEANWHILE, ON EARTH" one, all iOS devices should come with Effektive's beautiful grid wallpaper as standard. Either that or some nice Danish knitwear.