Inside the Eames Office

The web is full of photographs of utopian, minimal design studios bathed in glorious white light. They always look very appealing at first glance, but their empty inactivity is a bit eery. The surfaces are always bare (save for the occasional gigantiMac display), the shelves are sparse and carefully ornamented with the correct monographs, and the only time you'll see humans messying up the place with their clumsy limbs and ill-considered fleshy colour schemes is if they're out of focus, blurred, in the background, or all three.

So it makes a nice change to see these old pics of the Eames Office (pinched from Co. Design and House Industries), full of stuff, with people doing stuff, using stuff. All lit by a multitude of Anglepoise lamps. Of course, if you do want to see it all empty-like, you can do so whilst feeling like a giant.