IMDb fail

I use IMDb a lot. It’s great. However, the design of it has always had one major flaw, and the fact that they haven’t fixed it in the latest redesign would seem to suggest that it isn’t a flaw at all, but a cynical ploy to boost advertising revenue.

The problem is this: upon arriving at IMDb, there are a few vital seconds between the page loading and the banner ad at the top of the page loading. When it appears, the entire page gets shuffled down by about 200px, so the search box you’ve just tried to click into is now an advert, and you get whisked away to be sold something you have no interest in whatsoever. It infuriates the visitor at the beginning of their journey through the site and provides shamelessly inaccurate data to the advertisers.

This is just downright nasty, cynical, greedy web design.