If the future sucks, blame George

So, another year, another Star Wars rerelease – this time with enhanced Ewok blinks and amplified Sith-angst. To be honest, as long as they fix that awful CGI Jabba, I'm happy. I think we can all accept that George Lucas is going to continue tinkering with these films until the end of time, so we might as well get used to it.

And here's my prediction: with always-online home entertainment and digital distribution to cinemas, it’s only a matter of time before Star Wars is released as a perpetually up-dateable file. It'll basically be an app on your telly – you’ll get home to find an “install updates” message on each film, as Lucas makes incremental adjustments every few days. And then the rest of the film industry will jump onboard. Imagine the opportunities for constantly updated product placements in films. You know all those logos of defunct companies in the background of Blade Runner? They're not making anyone any money any more, so why not replace them every week with new sponsors? Basically, the studios will charge you a subscription fee just so that they can throw more adverts at you.

Five years. I bet this happens within five years.