I am now officially a "Pro"

Up until yesterday my office computer was a white 20" iMac. As of today I'm now working on a gleaming behemoth of a Mac Pro. Apparently it's more powerful than our server. I have the most powerful machine of any kind in our building. Crikey.

Some minor quibbles:

  • It's more powerful than my iMac at home, thus creating some split-personality envy issues.
  • Rather than an Apple display, I have an HP one. My desktop is now lacking style and grace.
  • I no longer have admin rights, which means I have to bother an IT bod every time I want to do anything.
  • The DVD drive is really really noisy.
  • It doesn't have a remote control. I don't need a remote control, but I still feel like I'm missing something. Maybe I'll just bluetack my old iPod Shuffle to the side of the display and pretend it's a remote.

Moan moan moan. I'm never happy, am I?