Gym Class Magazine / Mark Porter

It's been brought to my attention that there are still some members of the human race who haven't picked up the latest issue of the fantastic Gym Class Magazine. This really is a sorry state of affairs. These poor individuals are missing a beautiful magazine all about the beauty of magazines. Amongst the many great articles and images (the Elle UK cover gallery is a particular highlight), there's my interview with former Guardian Creative Director Mark Porter, in which he said things like this:

"Mainstream magazines have become so terminally dull (with a few notable exceptions), we need independent magazines to keep the creativity and energy in print. Independent magazines can often be self-indulgent and take themselves far too seriously, but there's a freedom in the editing and design which is very welcome. I expect the future of print to be in smaller-circulations product with higher production values, produced with passion, so I'm sure this sector has a future."

Of course, you've already read the full interview, because you already have Gym Class Magazine #8 nestled amongst your pile of Best Magazines Ever, don't you? DON'T YOU?