Gym Class Magazine #3

The third issue of Gym Class Magazine is now available for purchase by you, the human race. I’m conpletely biased in my praise for this small but perfectly formed zine (because I’m in it), so I’ll just shut up and throw the blurb at you from the equally brilliant Gym Class blog:

It’s jam packed full of contributor goodness. There’s an article by designer/blogger Daniel Gray explaining just how expensive a trip to London’s Tate Modern gallery can be; designer/publisher Michael Bojkowski talks to us about aliens, the Australian graphic design scene and the relationship between magazines and the internet (oh yeah, and he’s created a spacey infographic for us too); illustrator Chris Dent gets all alpha talking about his favourite big cities; we get all zine-tastic talking with Zineswap and Fever Zine editor Alex Zamora; designer Stefi Orazi talks to us about what it’s like to live in London’s Barbican estate and her personal work celebrating great architecture (she’s also given us some badges to giveaway); and last, but certainly not least, our guest art director John Paul Thurlow (he created the issue’s uber cover art) chats with us about his love for magazines and his brilliant Covers project.

It’s only £3. You NEED it. Go get it. Go on, scoot.