Well the pagan joy that is Easter is almost upon us, and I’m sure you all have exciting plans for the weekend. That’s very nice, but you should cancel them now. Cancel all your plans and instead go to Grammar. For those of you who are Grammaticaly unaware:

  1. It’s the best club night in York.
  2. It’s held every two weeks at the Junction (you know, that pub you can’t walk to without worrying you’re about to get mugged).
  3. Music-wise, the three little words on the flyer (above) say it all. Indie. Alt. Art. That basically means you get to dance to Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire and YYYs and Suede. They played Stay Together into Maps once and I nearly cried.
  4. Everyone’s quite posey.
  5. At some point during the night, you’ll get the opportunity to go a bit loopy and scream “HOUSE OF! JEALOUS LOVERS!”
  6. It’s a great big happy indie love-in. The only trouble I’ve ever seen there was a rather surreal punch-up on the dance-floor involving a tall man dressed as some kind of seventies estate agent. See, even the agro is a bit alternative.