George Lucas apparently not wealthy enough yet

This September, the original Star Wars trilogy is being rereleased yet again. Because everyone has already gone out and bought the excellent DVD box set though, George Lucas has come up with a cunning new gimmick to sell you the films once again: remove all of the special edition stuff.

Yup, he's releasing the original cuts of the films - complete with Han shooting first, scary half-monkey Emperor, and no Hayden Christensen. As much as I love Star Wars, I despise Lucas' cynical marketing ploy of basically selling you the same thing every two years. Yeah, plenty of people will go out and buy this and be excited by watching the original cut but you just know that next Christmas he'll release them all over again with deleted scenes put back in.

So George, please stop this. You need to be focussing your attention on three things, and three things only:

  1. Sorting out that abysmal Han and Jabba scene in the New Hope SE.
  2. Working on making the forthcoming TV series the best thing ever. Watching Firefly may help with this.
  3. Producing an Obi Wan replica FX lightsabre so I can fight my friends with it.