Forthcoming filmery

With Christmas and Oscar season just round the corner, there are lots of new movie trailers hitting the web:

Up looks like it could be another brilliant family film, but is it really necessary for Pixar to open every trailer with a lenghty recap of their entire back-catalogue?

Despite the god-awful poster (hopping Tom and his band of merry Nazi dwarves) Valkyrie looks really good, and very Spielberg (even though it’s directed by Bryan Singer). Lots of Brits in there too, which is always a good thing.

Gran Torino has a crotchety old Clint Eastwood brandishing a gun and saying “get off my lawn”, and is therefore genius. He seems to be turning out new films every couple of weeks, doesn’t he?

Although it’s essentially a big car advert, Transporter 3 looks like pulp fun. Could we just go ahead and fit Jason Statham with a blond wig and cast him as Thor already?

The Spirit still looks embarassing – could Frank Miller please return to making brutalist fascistic comics now please?

Revolutionary Road look like it deserves all the Oscar talk, and a timely critique of the ennui and complacency of the suburban American dream. Reminds me that I really have to get the Mad Men first season DVD soon.

It looks like a typically Hollywoodised depiction of London, but Last Chance Harvey has plenty of charm due to its leads, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson (plus Badly Drawn Boy’s The Shining will lift any trailer). What irks me is the whole “starring Academy Award Winner Emma Thompson” thing. She won that for Best Adapted Screenplay! It’s completely irrelevant!