Films watched/facts discovered

Films watched this weekend:

Facts discovered:

  • Ken Russell can be rather sweet when he wants to be
  • Jeff Bridges’ eighties mullet has dated rather well
  • Judging by the trailer, the makers of Tron Legacy have lifted a few shots from The Fabulous Baker Boys
  • Dave McKean is a significantly better artist than he is a director
  • It’s possible for a film to look a bit too nineties
  • Mark Herman, director of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, runs a production/training company called Parashoots, just up the road from me in York.
  • There are few things on Earth more manly than Burt Reynolds armed with a bow, circa 1972
  • The guy who played the charming hillbilly rapist in Deliverance has a website called and will call you on your birthday for $19.95
  • George Clooney needs to direct more films
  • David Strathairn needs to be in more films
  • Patricia Clarkson needs to have more Oscars.