Face amnesty

Twitter is a fantastic organic layer of the web: it's all about conversation between actual people, not algorithms and advertising data. So why hide behind profile pics that are symbols, abstract photos or characters?

For group profiles – magazines, organisations, multi-author sites – it makes sense, but for individuals, it's just infuriating. I don't know about you, but when I'm having a conversation, I like to be able to see who it is I'm having a conversation with. Sometimes it's like I'm chatting with a Scrabble rack.

Alix Land has recently launched What Designers Look Like, a handy directory that helps to put a face to the name. It's friendly and useful and sociable (and genuinely useful when I was looking out for folks at a recent tweetup). I'm proposing we extend that approach to twitter. I'm proposing a Face Amnesty.

Lets reclaim online discourse and make it human, otherwise the the evil robots have already won and the next thing we know, they'll be farming us to use as exceedingly energy-inefficient batteries and then we'll have to start an uprising involving blunt philosophical references and Colonel Sanders and a sweaty cave-rave and … I may have gone off on a Matrix tangent there. Just stop being shy and get your bloody face on twitter already, will you?