According to Empire, Kevin Williamsson and Wes Craven are busy producing Scream 4, with the Cox-Arquettes returning to play Gale Weathers and Deputy Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley.

No no no.

Listen to me, Hollywood. I had an idea years ago about what you could do with these characters: their own detective show. I honestly believe that Dewey is one of the great character creations of the nineties (up there with, say, Jeffrey Lebowski), and in his own show has the potential to be a modern day Columbo. Judging by how often that gets repeated, I’d say there’s still a market for a show that is slow-paced, funny, a great showcase for guest star villains, all revolving around one charismatic central character. Throw Courteney Cox into the mix as opportunist journalist Weathers – probably the most fully formed character that any of the Friends cast have managed – and you’ve got one great big hit.

Did you pay any attention to me? No. No you did not. Instead you’re just going over past glories. Well good for you Hollywood, good for you.