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Tate Britain, looking quite lovely

On Friday, Dr B and I popped down to London for a spot of torrential rain, shopping and an ever-so modern Creative Review "tweet-up" at Tate Britain. A "crtateup" if you will. This basically consisted of a couple of hundred creative sorts wandering around a gallery after hours (which felt ever so naughty) with crayons and Sharpies, trying really hard not to give in to temptation.

It was great fun meeting some twitter friends in the flesh for the first time, including Creative Review tweetsperson @neilayres and the @MatDolphin boys (who aren't Scottish, despite what my brain told me), plus making lots of new ones (although I really wish people would put pictures of themselves on twitter – I've subsequently followed a bunch of people and now I can't remember who was who …). To get us all off our iPhones and talking to to each other, they laid on paper and iPad-based games of consequences (you know, where you draw a head and then someone else draws the body and someone else draws another head and then you get confused about which way up the paper should be). I'm particularly proud of this chimeric masterpiece created by @internalmachine, @sweencreates and myself.

IMG_1739 - Version 2.jpg

Dr B, contemplating Vorticism

We also got to have a look around the Tate's new Vorticists exhibition, which was jolly interesting. At the end of the evening, we were all given goodie bags (containing, amongst other things, a print by yours truly) and sent to the pub, for a crtateupdrinkup. Basically, a bloody good time was had by all. Thanks to Creative Review (who have a much better write-up on their blog) and the Tate for laying on such a smashing evening.

And now I shall impatiently await the announcement of the next tweet-up.