Creative Review and Mother

The February 2007 issue of Creative Review will be guest-edited by ad agency Mother, with the theme "Selling Your Soul" (a sly nod to Andrew Shaughnessy's fab creative bible "How To Be A Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul").

There's nothing particularly new about the whole guest-editing malarky (Jarvis Cocker recently put together a very good issue of the Observer Music Magazine), but the interesting detail with this case is that Mother are actually paying for the privilege.

An ad agency advertising itself using a magazine that covers the ad industry. Confusing, eh?

We'll have to wait for the magazine to hit shelves before we can tell how much of their soul Creative Review have sold, but it certainly sounds like Mother are throwing all they can at the project - posters, stickers, packaging, extra editorial pages, fancy paper, the lot.

Read all about it at MagCulture, where magazine guru Jeremy Leslie interviews Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne.