Covered comics

Covered is a simple blog with a basic premise: artists reinterpret covers of comics. And it's utterly brilliant. A lot of the work is a bit pants, or a bit too cutesy for my liking, but every now and then you get an absolute gem. Probably my favourite of the hundreds of submissions, Dan Scanlon's cover of Sol Brodsky's X-Men #1 always brings a chuckle to the heart. Just look at Iceman. Look at him there.

I also rather like Paul Bower's interesting take on Secret Wars #4 (a title from the dark days when Marvel comics were little more than toy catalogues). There's something particularly splendid about the Avengers being crushed under the weight of their own halftone patterns. The rest: Henry Bonsu's Batman Year 100; Lasse Peuraniemi's wonderfully wet Peter Parker: Spider-Man #10; Steve Tillotson's Peanuts #2 and Robert Goodin's Walt Disney Comics and Stories #211 (yes, I'm a sucker for realistically drawn cartoon animals).