Circus envy

Whilst reading Jeremy Leslie's excellent MagCulture blog (and basically seeing if anyone was responding to a minor rant I'd left on there about Creative Review's recent coverless issue) I clicked another commenter's link and found myself in a beautiful new world: Boicozine.

Michael Bojkowski's design blog is one of the most - no, wait, drop the "one of" - is the most beautiful, well designed blogs I've ever seen. The layout, the use of colour, the type: it's all gorgeous. Oh, and the content is jolly good too.

One day I'll learn how to design webularly (rather than my current method of smacking someone else's CSS repeatedly with a spanner until it does what I want it to) and have a site like this. Or maybe I could sneak into Bojkowski's site in the dead of night and replace all of his content with my own. Hmm …